Memorial Gift

Loved ones, family, friends and supporters of hospice often choose to memorialize or honor a special person (living or deceased) by making a gift in their name. To make a memorial gift, please use our online donation form or mail your check (payable to Lightways) to:

Development Office
250 Water Stone Circle
Joliet, IL  60431

Please include with your contribution the honoree’s name and address, so that Lightways may notify that person or family of your thoughtfulness. In the case of a deceased honoree, please also include the name(s) and address of the family member(s) to whom you would like an acknowledgment sent, as well as their relationship to the deceased. A downloadable form is attached for your convenience

Typically, an acknowledgment letter will be sent to the donor (including IRS language), and then a letter will be sent to the honoree or honoree’s family. That letter will include the donor’s name and address unless anonymity is requested, but not the gift amount. Donor acknowledgements and notification letters typically get mailed 2-3 weeks following Lightways’ receipt of the donation.

Joliet Area Community Hospice (DBA Lightways) is a tax-exempt, non-denominational charitable organization with a 501 (c)(3) classification.  JACH Tax ID number is 36-3191281. Gifts to Lightways are tax exempt to the fullest extent of the tax laws.

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