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Serious Illness Care

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Our serious illness care program serves people who have advanced, chronic or life-limiting illnesses.

We provide pain and symptom management, care coordination and most importantly, clear-headed, practical and kind counsel to patient and family.

Patients seek our care when they’ve received a tough diagnosis and there is much to navigate. Curative treatment continues if the patient desires.

Serious Illness Care is provided by nurse practitioners and social workers in full consult with the patient’s established medical team. We come to you—be it at home, in a skilled nursing facility or an assisted living facility. Medicare and most insurance companies cover our services.

How can serious illness care help?

  • In-home pain and symptom management by specially trained nurse practitioners and doctors
  • Care coordination with your current physicians and anyone else who is part of your healthcare team to provide an “extra” layer of support
  • Guidance with the development of your individual and unique plan of care
  • Assistance with conversations about your wishes and goal

Serious illness care FAQ

What conditions are considered serious illness?

Serious illness care is for anyone who has an advanced or life-threatening illness including cancer, dementia, heart and lung diseases like CHF and COPD, End Stage Renal Disease, liver disease, ALS, HIV/AIDS and others.

Will I still see my doctors and be under their care?

Yes, you can still remain under the care of your physicians. We should be considered “another layer of support” for you, helping with care coordination with your healthcare team.

If I accept serious illness care does that mean that I am giving up and stopping treatment?

Patients can continue to receive curative treatment under the care of their physicians. Our role is to support your care by minimizing pain and symptoms. We want to help you feel the best you can while you enjoy the things you love and the people in your life.

Where can I receive care, do I need to come to you or go to my doctor’s office?

We come to you–your home, or if you live in a skilled nursing or assisted living facility.

What type of insurance coverage do I need to have?

Medicare and most insurance companies cover our services.

Call us and let’s review options. Nurses are available 24/7 to answer your questions and explain how we can help.