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Hospice Care

Hospice care provides physical, emotional and spiritual support for patients with a terminal illness.

An interdisciplinary team consisting of four people is assigned to each patient. This core team includes:

  • Our nurse case manager who oversees all care and addresses concerns about pain and symptoms and the patient’s physical condition
  • The certified nursing assistant who provides personal care for the patient
  • A social worker who works to assure that the patient and family have all the support and resources needed
  • And finally, a chaplain who addresses the patient’s spiritual needs

This team partners with the patient and family to determine a care plan that incorporates the patient’s wishes.

Care is provided in the home or care facility.

For patients who require 24-hour nursing care to control pain and symptoms, we have a 20-bed hospice inpatient unit in Joliet. This newly-expanded facility is designed to optimize comfort for both patient and family.

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Lightways proudly uses telehealth as an added layer of communication and support.

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Call us and let’s talk it through. Hospice nurses are available 24/7 to answer your questions and explain how we can help.

What Lightways Hospice offers:

  • Unwavering guidance and support for patient and family
  • Pain management and symptom relief
  • Peace of mind knowing that help is available 24/7
  • Time with less pain, less fear and more joy

Hospice Care FAQ

If I start hospice care, does that mean I am giving up and stopping treatment?

Calling hospice is not giving up. It’s getting the specialized care you need for time with less pain, less fear and more joy.

Where can I receive care?

For most of our patients, we come to you. You stay in your own home or care facility and we come to you.

If your pain and symptoms cannot be managed at home, our newly renovated 20-bed Hospice Inpatient Unit in Joliet is available to provide a higher level of care.

Will I still be cared for by my primary care physicians and their team?

Your medical care will be managed by Lightways physicians and nurses in communication with your own doctors.

What insurance coverage do I need to have hospice care paid for?

Medicare, Medicaid, and most third-party insurance pay for hospice care.

How do I know if I or my loved one should consider hospice care?

Some patients come to us at the suggestion of their health care providers. If your physician tells you that your condition no longer responds to curative treatment, hospice care is an important way to manage your health.

Others call us directly. While a physician’s approval is necessary for admission (we’ll work with your doctor to obtain that), many people call us proactively to discuss how Lightways can support their family. Typically, families report:

  • Feeling overwhelmed, frightened and unsure
  • Needing more day-to-day support and services
  • Concern that managing pain and symptoms has become more difficult

If you share any of these concerns, please call us at 815-740-4104 to discuss how Lightways can help.

If I don’t have insurance coverage, can you care for me or my loved one?

Lightways provides hospice care for everyone who needs it, regardless of their ability to pay.

Hospice Inpatient Unit

Our newly-renovated and expanded Hospice Inpatient Unit provides care to hospice patients who are unable to comfortably manage their pain or symptoms at home.


Our Hospice Inpatient Unit offers:

  • 24-hour visitation
  • Large suites with beautiful décor and natural lighting
  • French doors in every suite that provide fresh air and outdoor access
  • In-room refrigerators and televisions with streaming services
  • An inviting and peaceful Solace Room for quiet moments
  • A multi-family living room and dining room where families can gather
  • A private dining room and kitchen where families can prepare and enjoy a special meal if they choose
  • A renovated lobby
  • A business center for families’ us

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