Veterans Program

Lightways has been honored to provide services for thousands of veterans since 1982 and now enhances that care with Lightways We Honor Veteran’s Program. This comprehensive program focuses on respectfully celebrating veterans and providing care that recognizes the unique challenges that may exist in military families. This program provides care for those who served with the dignity and honor so richly deserved.

We Honor Veterans Program

The National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization (NHPCO) reports that one of every four dying Americans is a veteran. Lightways is committed to providing care for those who served with pride, honoring their lives and service to country, and offering the dignity so richly deserved. This is accomplished by offering caregiver support, Veteran to Veteran programs, pinning recognition ceremonies, bereavement support, and community education in addition to guidance on resources and benefits available through the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

Who pays for Veterans’ Hospice Care?

The VA covers the cost of hospice care for qualified veterans. Hospice care may also be paid by Medicare, Medicaid, and by private insurance. At Lightways, no one is ever denied care based on their inability to pay or their ethnicity, age, gender, mental or physical status, or religion. For more information about hospice and VA resources, please click here or call Lightways at 815-740-4104.

What services are offered?

Specialized Care for the Veteran Patient.

In addition to their proficiency in caring for those with advanced illnesses, Lightways’ staff and volunteers have undergone specific training from the Department of Veteran Affairs and other local experts, that helps them identify and deal with issues that are unique to those who have provided military service.

Many veterans have experienced traumatic events that have remained dormant for years only to emerge upon facing their own mortality. Treatment in each of these cases requires special sensitivity and Lightways’ clinical team of physicians, nurses, chaplains, social workers, certified nursing assistants and volunteers are prepared to identify these needs and recommend specific courses of action.

Click Here to view the Veteran Resource Guide

Some veterans in the Chicago Area are now eligible to direct their services including using a budgeted amount of money to hire workers and customize care. Click the link below to find out more information regarding Veteran Directed Care.
See here for information about the Veteran Directed Care Program.

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